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Alaina Bailey is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in West Philadelphia. Her work involves the nature of collecting objects and images, and creating installations. She is currently working in cyanotype and other photogram mediums, such as in her work Familiars (2017). In addition to photography and installation, she works in painting and graphic design. She received a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania in May 2017, with a departmental award in Excellence in Drawing and Painting.

artist statement

My work is focused on the process and experimentation to create images, and on the nature of collecting images as objects. Creating process-oriented work in my cyanotypes instead of product-oriented work allowed me to make larger and simpler moves in the process of experimentation to create a new quality of image. The qualities of light and chemical used inspire the moves made to create this work. The result is an ambiguous, processual body of work that carries a trace of the pieces used to create it—light, chemical, object, and the hand.

In the work I make, I seek to access my creative unconscious that is often tamped down by my rational brain. I remove aspects of control and try to look from a new perspective, as though through a mirror reflected on a mirror.

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